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Power Max 1HP Heavy Duty Needle Position Servo Motor

Power Max 1HP Heavy Duty Needle Position Servo Motor


Power Max 1 Horse Power Needle Position Silent Running Servo Motor.



The new POWER MAX AC SERVO MOTORS are the very latest in energy efficient replacement for clutch motors.


Unlike the other servo motors on the market, this motor is designed to power HEAVY DUTY lockstitch machines; 

Walking foot - singer 132K6, Durkopp Adler 204 etc.. 

Long arms - Seiko JW8BL, Singer 144 etc..


1 Horse power - 750 Watts

 Needle Position


 500 - 3000 RPM - You can really slow this motor down to control your heavy walking foot machine, one stitch at a time! 

 A long list of settings can be programmed via the P for program button and S for save


The machine comes complete with a set of instructions so you can change any of the settings

 Less moving parts, only two bearings, NO BUSHES


 750 Watts output power; 75% less Electricity Usage than a clutch motor, easy on the environment, and your pocket 

£ 250 +VAT

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