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Brother S 1000 A-3 Single Needle High Speed Lock Stitch

Brother S 1000 A-3 Single Needle High Speed Lock Stitch


Brand New Brother S-1000A-3
Brothers latest and updated high speed lock stitch on the market


Single needle high speed lock stitch
Max. stitch length; 4.2mm
Max. sewing speed; 4000 stitches per min


Max. foot lift; 13mm
Pump lubrication system
Reverse feed


Powered by a brand new silent running energy saving servo motor adjustable speed settings 240v so you can use at home


Fitted on a brand new table top, brand new white modern stand

Stable quality sewing with optimal thread tightening


The mechanisms of the thread take-up, rotary hook and feed are optimally designed for
the stable, low thread tension sewing. Ideal seams with optimal thread tightening can
be obtained regardless of the type of the thread.


Support for use of attachments

The machine is equipped with some attachment taps on the top of the bed for the use of attachments on the market.


Machine will come delivered fully assembled


£ 575 +VAT

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